It isn't what we write
It isn't what we say
Its how we feel deep inside
As we think of you today


Each time we look at your picture
You seem to smile and say
Don't be sad but courage take
And love each other for my sake


They say there is a reason
They say that time will heal
But neither time nor reason
Will change the way we feel
For no-one knows the heartache
That lies behind our smiles
No-one knows how many times
We have broken down and cried
We want to tell you something
So there won't be any doubt
You're so wonderful to think of
But so hard to be without




They say it's a beautiful journey
From the old world to the new
Someday we'll make that journey
Which will lead us straight to you
And when we reach that garden
In which there is no pain
We'll put our arms around you
And never part again




This brings a special thank you
For the things you've done for me
The times when you were patient
When you didn't have to be
For the days that you made brighter
With the sunshine of your smile,
The words of warm encouragement
That made each dream worthwhile
And while I've left out many things
For which my thanks are due
These things are always in my heart
Next to my love for you.






In secret I weep, in silence I cry
As each lonely hour and day passes by There's only one thought that eases my pain And it's knowing that we'll be together again




I hear his voice in the silent hours
When the house is very still
And feel the touch of his unseen hand
Guiding and helping me still




Your life was full of loving deeds
Forever thoughtful of our special needs  Today and tomorrow my whole life through I will always love and cherish you






A special person, a special face. Someone we love and can't replace Never selfish, always kind, These are the memories he left behind....



If I could turn back the clock, That's just what I would do And I would live again those happy years That I shared with you...



There are some we meet in passing And forget as soon as they go. There are some we remember with pleasure And feel honored and privileged to know You were that kind of person Who leaves beautiful memories behind And there will be many days Which will bring fond memories to mind....


















I begin by giving Praise and Thanks to the Heavenly Father and our Savior Lord Jesus Christ. The mercies of our Lord are abundant and one testimony is just not enough to glorify Him.



My journey with Jesus began from my childhood years ago. It’s been a fascinating one. There are times my faith faltered, especially in a crisis. Yet, Jesus never failed me. He’s walked me through every difficult step – personal and professional – just as a faithful friend would.




"Gratitude" is one of the sweet shortcuts to finding peace of mind and happiness inside. No matter what is going on outside of us, there's always something we could be grateful for. Above photo is with my KG-1 (1985);Class Teacher Mrs. Leelamma Varghese after 25 years.


When I was 4 yrs old; My parents sent me to a kindergarten school Syrian Christian English Medium school. From there I have started to learn from books. I absolutely loved my 1st class teacher, Mrs. Leelamma Varghese who was the kindest, most loving woman. She had been teaching there for over 10 years, when I was in her class. She was so patient & gave every student personal attention. Even the "trouble-makers" soon changed their ways under her gentle guidance. I think she is a very real part of the reason why I enjoyed school so much. She gave me a great base upon which to build my education. she was such an inspiration to me. I was not very smart in my academics and an average student, still my faithful lord helped me to complete challenging exams after that during my ongoing careers.




The person who influenced me the most is one of my college professor: Dr. Ravi M H in Oxford College of Engineering; Bangalore. He was my last campus grade Professor. When I first arrived in Bangalore to commence  the MBA course, I was too anxious and lacked confidence in continuing the course. Fortunately, Dr. Ravi was there and he did a wonderful job: He motivated me and he was very intelligent, respectful, honest and  friendly indeed. He gave me the confidence to realize that I could make something out of myself. During that year I have scored highest in the External Project work assignment at Reva Electric Car Company from our class. He guided very well in finishing that assignment during his busy schedule. This is one of his quality that impresses all the students. He is much disciplined but not so strict so that the students are not terrified of him. In fact, we feel at ease when he is around. He is a very soft spoken, kind, gentle, and a caring fellow. He was always ready to listen patiently to the problems of the students. He never refuses any student for help. He is confident, reliable, attentive to our needs as individuals.


My First Boss in U.A.E. Mr. T. J Mathew; VP and Head of Treasury Settlements (2006) in Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank.




My first boss who opened a door for me to work in United Arab Emirates is Mr. Thakadipurathu Joseph Mathew; VP and Head of Treasury Settlements (2006) in Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank. Though I worked with him for only 3 years of time; he was a man of utmost respect after my parents and my God.


The initial interview was little tough and I was a fresher to Treasury Operations on that time having only experience in Credit Administration. I thank & praise Jesus my lord with all my heart for having shown mercy on me and my family by helping me to get a job which I was in desperate need of; through Mr. TJ Mathew. He instructed me the basics of Treasury Operations & General Accounting, Microsoft Excel designing & Professional Email drafting and many more techniques relevant for a professional to develop a successful career. During my career in ADCB by his vision he allocated me in various teams of FX&MM deals processing; Confirmation Matching Team, Payments Team, Derivatives team and finally in Nostro funding and Management Team. He guided and supported me through out the career very strictly. He had developed many freshers to became good banking professionals with his unique way of Management. All the qualities I have learned form him helped me to present well in my future Job and interviews; that I have attended for my career Progression. He understands the qualities of all his team members and always tries to enhance them to make them as managers in their own way. Many of our colleagues who got trained under TJ are now well placed in other Banks.


It was a pleasure to work for him. I always pray God to bless him in his ways and make him always to be a GREAT LEADER!!



MY SECOND BOSS. Mr. Mohammed Ashraf VP Head of Treasury Operation; UNION NATIONAL BANK.




As a competent boss he was very knowledgeable in all policies and procedures relating to finance and he fully understood the everyday operations of a Bank. What made Mr. Ashraf  such an exceptional boss was the fact he was very competent at his job, a good listener, empathetic and compassionate. He would help the employees find the solution.  In addition, Mr. Ashraf displayed a great deal of empathy; this indicated that he understood the employees and the dilemmas they may encounter. He understood that individuals may encounter some bumps in the road and at times may need extra time at lunch to take care of personal issues or sometimes allowing a half a day, as long as employees were completing their assigned work  efficiently within the time.










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