Son of Mr.Yohanan John and Mariamma Yohanan; Kaithavana.

Father of Thomas John, Sussi Philip, Sunny Thomas & Lissy Philip

Wife of John Thomas & Daughter of Devasia and Annama Devasya; Kallor.

Mother of Thomas John, Sussi Philip, Sunny Thomas & Lissy Philip


Son Of John Thomas and Mariamma Thomas.

Father of Nyson Sunny & Nycy Sunny


Wife of Sunny Thomas & Daughter of K. O Mathew and Kunjamma Mathew.

Mother of Nyson Sunny & Nycy Sunny


Wife of Philipose S & Daughter of Sunny Thomas and Gracy Sunny.


Son of Nycy Sunny & Philipose S Grandson of Sunny Thomas &          Gracy Sunny.





I was born in Ranny, a small town located in the southern part of the Kerala state. I'm the grandson of Mrs. Mariamma Thomas and late Mr. John Thomas (Ponnachen) a wholesale business man in Mannamaruthy. He traded rice, wheat, copra, pepper & coffee etc. He was an enthusiastic farmer too and he also owned paddy fields, coconut, coffee and rubber plantations. My parents are Sunny Thomas and Gracy Sunny. I have one sister- Nycy.  Since my parents were working abroad; my childhood mentor was my grandfather. The lessons learned by watching and working with him during the late 1980s are as powerful and relevant today as ever. My grandfather's farmhouse was located in Mannamaruthy—within the little town of Ranny, about 10 miles from the city. He was among the first generation of his family to make a living on that property which was never easy. With modest meadows for growing crops and hilly pastures for supporting the livestock, it was challenging to generate enough agricultural activity to sustain a family. On top of that, my grandfather was not really cut out to be a farmer. He managed a local Ration Store too in Makkapuzha. He was married to Mariamma of Kalloor Family from Kottayam. She puts great effort in planning and executing activities and often lent a helping hand to the poor communities. She also was very hard working and her passions include gardening, homemaking, cooking, supervising dairy and poultry farmhouse etc. She spent most of her earnings from these to help the needy. I would describe her similar to Solomon's description about a virtuous women in Proverbs-31- "She selects wool and flax and works with eager hands. She is like the merchant ships, bringing her food from afar. She gets up while it is still dark; she provides food for her family and portions for her servants. She considers a field and buys it; out of her earnings she plants a vineyard." She is a very capable and confident woman. She supplies the needs of her family, including food and clothes. She has many staffs to help her in household & she  treats them all well.


Great Grand Father bought the below our kudumbam house and surrounding land during  early 1920's. This traditional home with underground rooms and conventional  crop storage room which is made up of wood is still maintained. Presently this is owned and maintained by my family and resides here.




I worked with my grandparents almost every day during my early schooling years, rising early and retiring worn out; take charge of livestock, clean-up stables, supply fresh milk in the mornings, deliver food and water to the workers in the farm  and harvest hay  after  school. My those days was very cheerful and energetic. My Grandparents motivated me by giving a small portion of their assets to me and was told to look after them independently- e.g.: In the case of livestock- few of the ownership is in my name and I can supervise take income; In case of Rubber Trees & Coconut- few of the  trees I can manage and take income. Now I realize they were trying to develop me to take responsibility and discipline by such distribution from my childhood. I own 20 year old large Teetana grandis, Mangifera indica and Artocarpus trees; I planted along with my grandparents during my school days; which flourish well now exists in my land. The discipline and hard work was memorable and very satisfying. They shaped my work habits for a lifetime in leadership roles.


I spent much of my high school and college life in various boarding schools across Kerala and Bangalore so I never had steadfast friends early on as I got transferred before I could establish any friendship.  I was passionate about sports. I really enjoyed my college days in Catholicate college and Oxford College. As a child, my father brought me up with all family values and most importantly, to be a good human being. He compelled me to take part in sports and arts in school and used to monitor my progress in detail. From personal hygiene to public interaction, my father has given me valuable   lessons - perhaps that’s why I consider him as the greatest influence in my life. He never put on any pressure to top the class or in any sports discipline as he believed that I would blossom into my own and do my best as I mature.


I moved to United Arab Emirates in the early 2006's and relocated here to work with Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank.


My motto in life is to be happy and positive, circumstances do not matter. I am happy to say I am VERY contented in life after my share of ups and downs.






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